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Gutter Services

half round gutters

What are half round gutters? They are gutters that come in pre measured lengths and these gutters cannot be made seamless. This is an old style gutter system that is mostly used on small capes or ornate victorian applications. Copper is the main material that these are made of due to its decorative nature. although I have used them in aluminum applications before. They are most commonly paired with round or fluted downspouts. They range in size from 4'' to 8'' applications though 5" is the most popular size. There are many different brackets that can be used, the most common being a circle bracket with a clip. This is the most decorative and substantial looking of all the brackets. All copper gutters have to be screwed into the house with non conductive hardware ie; brass or stainless steel. The reason being that copper when exposed to steel or aluminum creates a reaction called electrolysis. when this happens the copper can rapidly corrode sometimes in a matter of months. I only use stainless steel because it is stronger and lasts longer than brass. Half round is more difficult to install this leads to a longer installation time, But as you can see in the photo above it is well worth it.

K Style Gutters

What are k style gutters? This is the most common and functional type of gutter on the market today. There are many advantages that k style has over half round, The most important being that whether copper or aluminum k style can be made seamless in any length. Also K style gutters can hold far more water than half round. Although many fastening systems have been used to fasten the gutter to the house. we use the most technologically advanced on the market. If your house has facia boards we use a hidden aluminum bracket with a built in 3" wood screw. a small amount of houses do not have facia. In this case the gutter will be fastened to the roof with a hidden bracket combined with a stainless steel strap that is screwed into the roof decking. The most common type of downspouts that are used with k style are 2"x3" or 3"x4" depending on the size of the gutter. Due to its fast installation k style gutters can be installed on most houses in one day.

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